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f o l k

personalised nutrition and

natural health for mothers




restore > revitalise > re-energise 


welcome to Mama Folk, a five week journey

into your own health and wellbeing...

As Mama folk we are often playing the part of many roles within our family unit: child-bearer, food source, carer and provider to name a few. However, having so many important roles can often come at the expense of our own wellbeing. Often Mothers' come to me tired, frustrated, depleted and feeling hopeless that they will never find their spark again. But this doesn't have to be. With good nutrition, health and lifestyle practices; fatigue and burnout can be turned around and more importantly, prevented. Whether you're a new mama, breastfeeding mama, toddler mama, working mama or school mama (or all of the above), there is a way to feel great and stay like that!


Mama Folk is a personalised service to help you restore, revitalise and re-energise. 

During your 5 WEEK program you will receive:

A full naturopathic consultation including a  full dietary and health analysis (60 minutes via Skype) Plus 2 check-in sessions (weeks 2 and 4 // up to 30 minutes each // optional).


A comprehensive dietary, lifestyle and natural health plan.

Weekly emails including meal plans, recipes, nutrition advice, holistic health and lifestyle directions.

Five weeks of expert support via consultation and email

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