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The fast pace of today’s society often sees employees taking nutritional shortcuts out of habit and convenience. Sugary, highly processed snacks may give employees a quick boost, but in the long run they are only slowing them down. 

In light of this, research has shown that employees who eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis show better job performance and lower absenteeism. Furthermore, the healthier and less stressed employees are, the happier, more creative and more productive the workplace becomes.


Successful businesses recognise that healthy, motivated employees are the driving force behind every successful business. Empowering employees to take personal responsibility for their physical and mental wellbeing means helping them realise that what they do today has a direct impact on how they feel tomorrow.


This is where our corporate services can provide a customised nutrition-based program as a powerful tool to complement other measures in improving staff performance, job satisfaction and staff retention within the company.

Jessica is an accredited nutritionist and natural health practitioner with 8 years of experience in the health industry. Originally coming from the corporate sector herself, she knows how easily nutrition can effect health, happiness and work performance. Jessica combines evidence-based science with the wisdom of traditional knowledge to create practical, enjoyable and effective programs for her clients. Jessica’s programs focus on her no-nonsense, whole food approach to nutrition (no fad diets here!) and your employees will leave empowered with information and equipped with tools (including recipes) to take charge of their own nutrition and wellbeing.