Pregnancy is such an exciting time. Your little person has begun to develop and you will begin to make many steps and decisions towards your due date. Thinking about birth plans, choosing names and preparing your home are all very important, but it is essential to consider your nutrition and general health during pregnancy.


Getting the right nutrition is essential for baby’s growth and for mother’s general health and postpartum recovery. The nutrients required for your baby’s health and development will need to come from your diet. If they are not available from the diet, they will be taken from your stores which could lead to depletion and possibly result in consequences to your health.


Your nutrition before and during pregnancy can have an influence on the incidence of morning sickness, excessive weight gain, stretch marks, fatigue, poor sleep quality, constipation, heartburn, mood swings, pre-eclampsia, anemia, gestational diabetes and postnatal depression. Healthy food choices and nutrition will contribute to your baby’s development and growth including building bones, a healthy immune system, gut bacteria and healthy tissues and organs. While also decreasing the chances of allergies, eczema, asthma, low birth weight and other potential health issues.


Sage and Folk’s prenatal nutrition services will provide you with a personalised nutrition plan health support for your pregnancy to help provide you and your baby the best start possible.



Post-birth, Mamas have a lot going on. Getting to know your new baby is a joyous time, but also a time of healing and physical and mental demand. Many mothers find themselves tired, overwhelmed and nutritionally depleted in the fourth trimester. It is important that whilst you care for your newborn, that you are caring for yourself also.

Sage and Folk's postnatal home visits are our signature service. Allow an experienced nutritionist, herbalist and mother come to visit you in your home in the days or weeks after you have given birth to give you the tools to nurture yourself. In your consultation we will sip on herbal teas and discuss your birthing experience, the healing process, bonding, breastfeeding and anything else you may wish to discuss. We will then create a customised nutritional and holistic guide to help you heal, nourish and strengthen your body during this special time.

Or you may prefer to get together with group of friends for our post-natal workshop.

mamas & newborns group workshop