the 8 week program to 

nourish, replenish + thrive.


hey mama, I know that you want to feel happy, healthy and vibrant...  

Motherhood is a joyful, unpredictable and busy rollercoaster. You know you want to be the best Mama you can be and that finding the calm, and being present will help you to enjoy these years with your children. But the truth is, if you haven’t been filling your own cup, you could be feeling tired and depleted or like your fuse is short, or even have a brain fog that just won't lift. Maybe you don't feel like yourself right now. You want to make some positive changes, but where do you start? There is so much information available! Finding the time feels impossible!


I hear you Mama! I have been there myself and I work with and support women just like you every week...

The Nourished Mother program is for Mamas, who want to rediscover their vitality and energy.. 

In this eight week program you will learn and put into practice the nutrition, natural health and lifestyle principles that I have formulated over my years of clinical practice and my own experience as a mother. This program has been designed to work in with your real life while prioritising your own self-care. 

I will guide you through a transformative eight weeks, gently keeping you accountable for your progress and supporting you all the way. 

With a wholistic approach to health and wellbeing,, I will give you the tools and knowledge to...

  • nourish your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing

  • rediscover your energy & vitality

  • simplify & create the space for a happier life

  • manage stress & support your nervous system

  • achieve hormonal balance


How the  


program will support your journey...


The handbook is a digital document that includes your core program guidelines, nutrition and lifestyle protocols, and instructions for the eight weeks. You will receive your download link on the first day of the program.

daily content 

I will be right there in your inbox every morning during the program to help your flow, keep you accountable and maintain your progress. Daily content will include:

  • weekly guidelines

  • recipes

  • nutrition and natural health advice

  • lifestyle advice

  • in-depth weekly topics

  • rituals and routines

  • mindfulness tools


video tutorials

Weekly topical video tutorials that you can access any time in that week to give you more insight and in-depth knowledge into the how's and why's of our weekly topic.

live online workshops 

Meet with me online every week to discuss our weekly topic, answer your top questions, get some inspiration and keep you accountable. Don't worry if you can't make it for the live session, DM your questions before the session and access the recorded version anytime that week.


You will have access to our private facebook group with others in the program. This is a great way to celebrate your successes and seek some extra support from like minded Mamas.


a 60 minute session with Jessica [personalised package only]

Available in week one, via Skype, Jessica will work with you over 60 minutes to tailor the program and a customised health plan.


weekly 1:1 sessions with Jessica [personalised package only]

7 x 20 minute check-in sessions via Skype to monitor your progress and keep you motivated.



  • pantry audit e-guide

  • meal planning 101 & template

  • PDF Mama planner

  • .recommend podcasts + further reading


week by week: 


Week one: FOUNDATIONS- Introduction, guidelines and getting started.


Week two: REJUVENATE- improving energy levels, so that you can do all the things.

Week three: UNTANGLE part I- stress and strategies to replenish your depleted adrenal system

Week four: UNTANGLE part I- a deeper look into stress, avoiding a short fuse and nourishing your nervous system

Week five: FLOURISH- All about your gut microbiota and digestive health.


Week six: FLOW- Your menstrual cycle, improving your flow and balancing your hormones.

Week seven: GLOW-Skincare and natural beauty strategies from the inside out.

Week eight: THRIVE- Putting it all together and making life-lasting changes.

As a mother, I know how easy it can be to focus all of our energy externally without realising we are neglecting our own wellbeing.

clinical nutritionist & herbalist, BHSc, pregnancy and postpartum wellbeing specialist, mama of two



I'm Jessica, Mama of two and clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist with a passion for women’s, prenatal and postpartum health.Over my 7 years of clinical practice, I've spent much of my time working with women, helping them to rediscover their health and vitality after having babies.

In my personal experience, I have also felt the ebbs and flows of Motherhood and I understand how easy it can be to become depleted and exhausted. In fact, not so long ago I was caught up in the whirlwind of parenting and a move across the state, which eventually led me to a burn out. It took several 'wake up' calls to realise that I was not tending to my own needs and that I needed support. When I finally did, it was almost hard to believe that I had been so out of tune with my own body given what I already knew!


Thankfully, with nutrition, natural medicine and lifestyle changes, I was able to restore and maintain my health and wellbeing. I am now more in-tune with my body that ever before. I know this is something that many women experience while looking after young children and I am passionate about helping them to restore their vitality.


Through this experience, my clinical knowledge and my passion to help more women, I have designed the Nourished Mother program. My aim is to help more women achieve optimal health by empowering them with the knowledge and tools and encouraging their own innate ability to heal themselves. My approach to healthcare is integrative and includes the use of evidence based nutrition and natural medicine as well as lifestyle practices.

I am dedicated to providing education and empowering women to achieve and maintain optimal health and vitality. I'm honoured to be your guide on this journey. 


Jessica Hoskins 


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Can I follow this program if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes! The Nourished Mother program is all about honouring nourishing your body. There just may be some small adjustments in your guidelines.


Can I follow this program if I'm not a mum yet?

Yes! I'm passionate about preparing your body before you try to conceive. The Nourished Mother program will help you to prepare your body with the best nutrition and selfcare.

Will I lose weight on this program?

This is not a weight loss program. However, if you are carrying extra weight, you may find that you naturally shed some body fat. In the same way, if you are underweight, this program may help to bring you up to a healthy weight.


When will the live workshops be held?

The times of the workshops will vary so that everyone has a chance to see them live. All workshops will be recored and available for a week after.


I have an allergy and/or intolerance, will the program be ok for me?

Yes. There are plenty of 'free from' ideas and alternatives for you to work with.

Is the program suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes. Whilst my approach does include animal products, I will also give you options to suit a vegetarian or vegan diet.


I have a pre-exsiting medical condition, can I still do the program?

The fundamentals of this program have come from my experience as clinical practitioner, so in most cases this should only help to health and manage existing conditions. HOWEVER please consult your health care professional before making ay changes recommended.


I have no time for self-care... there is no way I can make any changes to my life.

I want you to know that most Mums feel like this when the first come to see me. We are going to take it slow and I will give you strategies to help you incorporate this into your busy life. If you don't feel like you're ready to fully commit that is ok too... don't put pressure on yourself. You might just gain a few pearls of wisdom that you can put into place when you're ready. 

Will this program require me to spend lots of money of food and supplements.

Nope. We are going to keep it simple for the most part- food is medicine. I do encourage and organic diet where possible, but I have some tips to make this affordable if it is available to you. I will also recommend some supplements or natural health products, but they are not imperative to your journey. 


Is there a meal plan provided?

No. I want this to your for each individual. Everyone has different circumstances and I believe it is important that you plan for your own living situation. I will provide plenty of family friendly healthy recipes for you to try and will provide you with a list of panty and fresh produce essentials/ suggestions


Am I going to have to cook a tonne of food?

Yes and no. I encourage you to embrace the joy of cooking your own healthy meals- but I will show you how to do this is in the most simple and time effective ways.