Starting Solids 101: part one

WHEN TO START SOLIDS Somewhere around the 5 to 6-month mark, your baby will begin to show signs that they are ready to begin solids. All babies are different, so go with your own pace! Teething, sitting erect in the highchair and observing or reaching for your food are all signs to look out for. If your baby is under 6 months and pushing the spoon away with their tongue, they may not be ready and you can try again in a week or so- there is no need to rush! SIGNS OF READINESS FOR SOLIDS - Baby is six months - Starting to sit upright in highchair - Tongue thrust diminishes - Observing you eat and reaching for your food EQUIPMENT FOR BABY FOOD Items you may need for basic homemade baby foods Steamer or steam basket Colander Mesh strainer Blender and/or Food Processor (Pureeing, blending, mashing) Stick Mixer (Pureeing smaller jobs or “on-the-go” meals) Hand masher Ice Cube Trays (or weaning pods) Freezer containers (for storing frozen cubes) Reusable puree bags (like Sinchies) Labels to date your frozen food