It is natural that we want to help soothe our little one's cough- especially when it is disturbing their precious sleep. But did you know that honey has proven to be more effective and safer than over the counter cough syrups?  In fact, many of the over the counter products have been proven to be ineffective in treating a cough.

This is a gentle cough syrup recipe that you can make at home. It will help to soothe a cough in children (over 12 months)  and adults. The addition of onion brings anti-inflammatory and antibacterial  properties.

How to make a soothing honey cough syrup

Finely slice 1/2 an onion and place into a clean 350ml glass jar Cover with organic raw honey Place lid and leave for 12 hours Strain liquid and discard onions

Give 1-2 teaspoons before bed (and as needed during the day) to children 12 months+ (honey is not suitable for babies under 1 year old)

Store in an airtight glass jar. Keep refrigerated.

As always , if you have any concerns or if symptoms persist, please seek advice from your health care professional.


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