A guide to buying Baby Food

We all know that home made baby food is best for baby, but the truth is, life happens and most of us will at some point purchase commercially prepared food for our little ones. Here are some tips to choosing the best one for baby:

Choose certified organic. These are usually now available in most

supermarkets and will ensure that your baby is not being exposed to possible conventional pesticides, chemical fertilisers, hormones and antibiotics

Look for basic products. The most basic purees, tend to have the least amount of added ingredients

Read the ingredients list- often the name of the product can be misleading

Does it have thickeners? If so, give it a miss as this will take the place of real food.

Does it contain sugar or sodium?

These are unnecessary and should be avoided in prepackaged foods for babies

Make your own baby food to-go

A great option to avoid having to buy commercially prepared baby food to use re-usable food pouches. These can conveniently stored in the freezer, so you have plenty of ‘on the go’ options when you leave the house.

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